5 MUST-HAVE Wellness Tips for Working Moms From Your Health Coach

by Kristen Reed | Wellness

I see you, Mama!

You have gone through such a transformative journey. From the minute you got that positive pregnancy test or heard the news, your life was no longer just about YOU. Can you relate?

When we are pregnant it often feels easy to prioritize our health and wellness, especially as first time moms because we want to do it all “right”. We read all the books and follow all the guidelines of what to eat and make sure we get rest, all to support and nourish this new life we are growing. It’s a huge motivation to take care of ourselves because we know it benefits our baby. 

Then the baby comes along and any bit of self-care can easily go out the window. Your priorities and perspectives change. Routines might feel non-existent or flipped upside down completely. There are new challenges that we might not have expected (it turns out sometimes you don’t just put a baby to your breast and they know how to drink!), you might feel like you don’t even recognize yourself, and the idea of finding time to take care of YOU again seems impossible. 

I say all this to remind you, you are not alone. After becoming a mom myself this year, I completely understand the challenges of new motherhood and while it is definitely a challenge and can rock your world, it isn’t impossible to take care of you, too. I also want you to know that if anyone is worth the time and energy to feel their best, it’s YOU, my friend! So today, I’m sharing my best (and most importantly, realistic) wellness tips for new moms.

“Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your children”

Before we get to the tips, here’s my “give yourself grace” reminder… Don’t feel like you need to do it all, all at once. Focus on what you can and make small, simple changes, one step at a time. Every little bit counts, especially now!

1) Allow for time to RESET. 

Becoming a Mom is beautiful and messy, humbling and magical, overwhelming and rewarding. We are constantly being pulled in different directions and always thinking about what needs to happen next and who needs what. The mental load of motherhood is REAL, and if you are a working Mom/business owner, you are wearing ALL the hats.

Taking little pockets of time throughout the day to refresh and refocus is so helpful to reduce burnout and overstimulation.  Whether it’s a 2 minute meditation, journaling to “mind dump”, listening to your favorite song, or time unplugged from devices; be intentional with building in “mini resets” throughout the day. 

2) When it comes to nutrition, setting yourself up with easy, grab and go options is so helpful!

I swear by my energy balls (here’s the link)! They are so versatile — you can make them into energy bars and in bigger batches to freeze (for an easy grab and go option). They can also be adjusted to suit your needs, whether you are breastfeeding or not, by adding more brewers yeast, oats, or protein powder. Also, we know our hands are literally always full, and these are a one handed meal prep option while you are doing all the things. Tip: always make a double or triple batch, trust me!

I also take supplements to help fill in any nutritional gaps from food and to help fulfill the specific needs for pre and postnatal nutrition. 

Here is a link to my favorite collagen (hello, postnatal hair loss and acne 😳). It’s a powerhouse of protein, gut health, and skin/hair replenishment. You can enter your email and create a quick password to also see the complete list of vitamins and supplements for women.

And my prenatal which covers all the bases with the most usable and highest quality forms of vitamins, such as methylated B vitamins and choline (which most prentals do not have). I recommend taking for 6 months postpartum, depending on your labs, how you are feeling, and if you are trying to conceive again soon.

Staying hydrated is also key! Re-Lyte electrolytes (Click the link for 15% off) are a MUST for me and help with my energy, focus, and sleep. It’s also very beneficial for supporting milk production if you are breastfeeding. 

3) Finding a way that feels good to move your body 

Moving your body in whatever way feels best for you can do wonders for your mental and physical health like mood, posture, focus, confidence, pelvic floor, sleep, etc. 

We are all aware of the positive impact of movement on overall health in reducing risk of complications and disease. But I know finding the time is a challenge so I encourage you to find small pockets of time, especially at the beginning, which I like to called “exercise snacks”. 

Some of my favorite ways to add in movement throughout my day are stroller walks or a quick pilates classes online. You can also check out local studios that offer “mommy and me” type classes which can be a great way of getting some movement in while bonding. Even if it’s 10 squats while waiting for my airfryer to be done (this was me!) it all counts.

Bonus:The benefits of movement goes beyond just you! Researchers have found that the activity level of a mother has direct, positive correlation with the activity level of her child(ren). Even small amounts made a positive impact and add up overtime.  

BONUS: the benefit of movement goes beyond just you! Researchers have found that the activity level of a mother has direct, positive correlation with the activity level of her child(ren). Even small amounts made a positive impact and add up overtime.  

4) We love creating a relaxing bath and bedtime routine for our little ones, but I highly recommend creating one for you too! 

Motherhood can be far from glamorous, so giving yourself a quick, luxurious ritual that you can enjoy daily or weekly is huge!

I love epsom salt baths when time allows. They are a great way to unwind and destress and feel a bit pampered. 

After showers or baths I use  Undaria body oil by Osea (get 10% off with this link!).  It’s clean, effective and one of my favorite skincare items that I can’t get enough of— and helps with stretch marks, too.

Lastly, I swear by my silk eye mask to really make every second of precious sleep count!

5) Fill your own cup with what makes you feel like YOU!

Being a mom might be the part about you that makes you most proud, and rightfully so. But remember you are more than just “mom”. What makes you feel most like yourself? What makes you feel joy and lose track of time when you’re doing it? If you can work in interests/hobbies you have that fill your cup, do it, mama.

Maybe it’s finding a book club if you love reading or taking a class for dance, painting, girls nights out, a saturday morning spa, or whatever lights you up. For a way to help brainstorm what might work for you, check out my blog on creating a rejuvenating Recharge List

At the end of the day, find what works for you and makes you feel your best. Just like with parenting, what works for another mom might not work for you and there’s no reason to beat yourself up about it. Count every small win (they all add up!) and know that you always get to choose your next best step. You are worth investing in YOU!

If you are looking for help putting this all together and customizing a wellness routine for this new chapter in your life, this is perfect timing! My best-ever Your Way to Wellness 8 week program starts soon! Check out all the details and grab your spot by clicking here! You’ll get daily check-ins for accountability, live health coaching calls weekly, live demo sessions for meal prepping and easy, nourishing recipes, weekly self-care group calls, and access to all my best resources to help you feel your best, for life.

This group program really is the perfect way for new moms to gently reprioritize their wellbeing, allowing you to show up as your best self for the ones you love most. Together, we can help you feel like you again — strong, healthy, and vibrant!


I hope these tips serve you well. If you loved this, please share the link with your mom friends who might love it too! Don’t forget to subscribe to Nursing Your Way to Wellness (button below) for all the latest in health and wellness, including my best tips and tricks, recipes, programs, exclusive savings and more!


Sending you big hugs, Mama! I see you.

Kristen Reed Triffitt
Board Certified Registered Nurse, Health and Wellness Coach and Women’s Health Expert


Kristen Reed
Multiple-award-winning Board Certified Registered Nurse, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and Women's Health Expert at Nursing Your Way to Wellness, Health and Wellness Coaching

Kristen Reed is a multiple award-winning Registered Nurse and Certified Health & Wellness Coach with Bachelors’ degrees in Nursing & Psychology. She is a National Certified Health & Wellness Nurse Coach, National Board Certified Holistic Nurse, and an expert in women’s wellness, called “The Wellness Woman” by the Daily Item, nominated for the “Best of the City” award, and named a “Powerhouse Women of Boston” by Quotable Magazine. Kristen is the founder and CEO of health and wellness practice “Nursing your Way to Wellness”, where she provides personalized Health & Wellness Coaching, Group Wellness programs, Corporate Wellness trainings and programs, speaking, and more! Please visit Kristen’s website www.NursingYourWaytoWellness.com to book a complimentary call and join her free email community to get complimentary access to her popular “Healthy Habit Tracker”!

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