5 Ways to Use Photos to Grow Your Brand

by Lucie Wicker | Business

Visuals are some of the most important assets a business owner can have to grow their brand and set themselves apart in today’s crowded market. Having quality photos of you, your product and services is essential to establishing your business and taking your brand to the next level.

Having dynamic and authentic photos not only illustrates your product and services, they connect you to your customers and help so much to draw in ideal clients. Here are a few different kinds of photos every entrepreneur needs to build their brand online. 

A Striking Headshot

No one loves taking headshots but they are arguably the most important photo in your toolbox. They are the most unique photo you can have (it’s YOU and you alone!) and you use them everywhere. They establish a human connection with your audience and show you are serious about what you do. 

Behind the Scenes

These days, it’s all about the BTS photos. People love getting a peek into your process and getting to see exactly how you bring your services to life. These photos could include candid workspace shots, team meetings, client interactions, and production photos.

Brand Values

These photos show what you stand for and really allow others with similar ideals to align with you. Showcasing your values can be vulnerable but they can also draw potential customers in in a meaningful way.

Product Imagery

Do you have a physical product that you sell? Try taking images that show your products off in different ways. Use a variety of angles and demonstrate quality and function. 

Lifestyle Photos

People love real life (or maybe a polished version of it!)! Take photos that show off your products and/or services in real-life scenarios. This will help potential clients to see how they could use them

Lucie Wicker
Commercial Portrait Photographer at Lucie Wicker Photography

Since 2011, Lucie has photographed the best of the fitness, health, and wellness community in New England and beyond. As a commercial portrait photographer, she frequently works with active brands creating authentic and compelling imagery for advertising campaigns of all sizes.

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