Creating A Hell Yes! Offer

by Jessica Miller | Business

Ever wonder why your offer isn’t raking in the cash? 

As entrepreneurs, I think we’ve all had the experience of putting a new program, service or product out into the world, only to have it not produce what we desire – whether it’s sales, clients, or impact – resulting in the overall growth in our business being flatter than expected.

When this happens, we often resort to creating more offers, launching more often, or throwing as many things into the mix as possible, with the hopes that collectively we will finally generate the revenue and growth that we want.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t often create more growth, but instead creates more effort, frustration, and a whole lot more to do – because at the end of the day, a mediocre offer repeated over and over more times (or creating more mediocre offers) will always end in, well, a mediocre result.

The good news is, there is a better way. 

If you want to have a business that generates money, clients, and impact easily and consistently, and requires a lot less effort, you need to have an offer that is so magnetic that when people come into contact with it they say “Hell Yes! I want that!” 

I affectionately refer to this as your Hell Yes! Offer. And I believe it is the single most important thing in your business.

An offer in your business is any product or service that you sell (or offer) to other people. It’s an exchange of value with others often for money, but sometimes it can be for an email address or other agreed upon medium (even exchanging a service, such as a barter). Your offers sit at the center of your business ecosystem and inform all the other pieces of your business – your audience, your marketing, your messaging. When you have a Hell Yes! Offer, you have an offer that fuels the growth of your business on multiple levels, generating cash flow, interest and the demand, which often leads to a desire to purchase before you ever even speak to potential clients. And when optimized, a Hell Yes! Offer makes everything else in your business flow and convert more easily.

And the great news is that it’s not reserved only for special snowflakes. It’s something that all business owners, just like you, can learn and put into place immediately. 

So what makes a Hell Yes! Offer, hell yes!? 

Let’s take a deep dive into the Hell Yes! Offer framework, so you can refine your offer from meh to magnetic. 

A Hell Yes! Offer needs to include the following things: 

1) It Calls In Your People

2) It Provides A Compelling Solution

3) It Is Infused with Your Hell Yes! Energy

Let’s break down each of these pieces in more detail:

1) It Calls in Your People

Precision around the problem you’re solving is key. 

Do you know exactly who you’re speaking to and why? Are you crystal clear on what their problem is? Do you own a specific problem in your offer? 

People don’t care about you or your offer (I know, an article about offers telling me people don’t care about my offer – stay with here). But, until you can show someone that you understand their problem and what they’re struggling with (and ultimately that your offer can help them solve that problem), they’re not interested. In a world of noise on the internet, owning and solving a specific problem is the homing beam that cuts through all that noise and calls your people in. And not just any people, your ideal clients (the exact people who want to consume your offer). When you do this powerfully, your offer becomes infinitely more valuable. People see it, hear about it, come across it in that Facebook ad, and it stops the scroll and makes them say to themselves “this person sees me, gets me, and can help me”. 

The problem is always the hook, and having clarity around your problem leads you to exactly who you need to help and calls them in. 

Most recently I’ve become obsessed with Victoria Beckham (VB) makeup. I’m someone who wants to look put together, on point, and without a lot of steps or tons of skills and effort. Her marketing speaks to me – it looks fabulous, it’s easy, effortless and clear. And every time Victoria chats with me via short IG stories and shows me how the different colors work with her brown eyes (I have brown eyes too – not surprisingly) – I feel seen, like she gets me, and as if the videos were made specifically for me. Every. Time.

2) It gives people a compelling solution

Give people a solution they really want. 

Every online search is a quest to solve a problem. It could be shedding some pounds, finding the dream vacation, or seeking legal advice. Your offer should be the answer they’ve been searching for. And I don’t know about you, but on a daily basis I come across offers that are just – not that interesting. Yes, they offer solutions, but they’re not awesome solutions. They’re not the things I really want to solve my problem. They’re just … meh. Yes, I could save 20 minutes a day and get everything done on my list for the week, but if I could get it all done in 3 days and have a 4-day weekend every week AND spend quality time with my family each day in the process – now I’m listening! Most offers don’t offer something revolutionary. They spend their time doing the same things as many offers and trying to just do it better. 

Don’t be better, be different. 

Think outside the box. Know your audience, their problem, and what would blow their minds (and yours) and give them that. 

In my VB makeup example above, I didn’t need the 17-step process for doing my makeup like a pro, I needed one thing that was going to change it all – kajal eyeliner. When applied in 30 seconds by an amateur, it elevated my whole look as if it was done by a pro. Something I could do with little experience, learning from IG story videos on her profile, and that could work day and night (so it’s now saving me time and making me look fabulous – win-win-win-win – and bonus for offering solutions to other problems I didn’t even know I was trying to solve). 

When you make this part of your Hell Yes! Offer, you will not only create so much momentum for your potential customers who are now in a tizzy with desire about what their life is going to look like after they work with you (aka buy your offer), but you will create so much internal momentum for you personally. 

Which brings me to my final, and arguably my most important, piece of your Hell Yes! Offer…

3) Start With Your Hell Yes! Energy

There’s a reason you have the desires you have. It’s not an accident that the things that light you up, light you up. I believe we’re put on this planet with the desires we have for a reason. Because people need us. We’re here to help them get out of the pain they’re in and move toward what they want, resulting in a better life and ultimately a better world for all of us. It’s not an accident. 

Unfortunately, most people don’t create offers or businesses from their hell yes!. They may get that intuitive hit that something that lights them up, but they often dismiss it and shove it under the rug (no judgment here, I’ve done this too). Then they look outward into the marketplace and create offers from what they think people will buy, and often look at what everyone else is doing. And not that there isn’t a play for this – it’s wise to do market research, see what others have done and what has worked and not worked.

But a Hell Yes! Offer is created from you first. It starts with what lights you up, what you’re hell yes! about, and then is crafted around the people, problems, and solutions that emerge from your deepest desires and energy. Creating from this space first creates an entirely different outcome with your offer because the space that is opened up and fueled by your desire, and what gets you out of bed in the morning, opens a tidal wave of creativity and ingenuity that is not present when you just “sell the widget to fill the gap in the market”.

Your experience of working with your ideal clients, helping them with the problem that keeps you up at night and that you are called to solve, and doing it in a way that makes you want to yell from the rooftops “is this really my life and do I get to really do this every day?!” puts you on an entirely different energetic level and trajectory. And it compels you to tell everyone about it! 

We have all come across an entrepreneur who’s in hell yes! energy with a Hell Yes! Offer. They are magnetic. They are glowing from within. They are seemingly everywhere. And we can’t seem to fight the urge that is drawing us to them to find out what they’re selling and how do we can get some of whatever it is they’re having that makes them light up and move like a beam of light across the night at lightning speed, right now! It truly makes us say Hell Yes! I want more of that. 

I am now not only the owner of (several) VB kajal eyeliners, but I now have the glow stick, the mascara, and several other items that I love – and I am a more confident, happier, more put-together me. Every time I wear her makeup, our hell yes! energy is in alignment, my life is better, and I am grateful for it. 

That is the fuel that sets the foundation for a Hell Yes! Offer. 

From there you flesh out the problem, find your people, and give them a solution they can’t refuse. And voila, people are flooding in the doors, clients are buying your product or services, and business gets a whole lot easier and a whole lot more fun. 

And isn’t that the whole point – running a business, helping people, and having a blast doing it?! Hell Yes!

I’m a Sales and Growth Strategist that helps established entrepreneurs optimize their offers for profit so they can stop chasing clients and money, and instead generate consistent money while doing less

Ready to find out if you have a Hell Yes! Offer that’s optimized for profits? Go to and fill out the Offer Optimization Scorecard to get valuable information about your offer and feedback on how to make it a Hell Yes!

Jessica Miller
Sales and Growth Consultant at Jessica Miller Coaching

Jessica Miller is a Sales and Growth Strategist that helps established entrepreneurs optimize their offers for profit so they can stop chasing clients and money, and instead generate consistent income while doing less. After working with dozens of business owners she has seen that the difference between burnout and thriving is having a Hell Yes Offer at the center of the business. Jessica has spoken at The StoryBrand Made Simple Summit, The Maine Women's Conference, and several others, and is a favorite guest expert in private high-level masterminds and has been a guest on much-loved podcasts like Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club, and The Next On Scene podcast. Jess is also the host of the It’s Your Offer Podcast. You can learn more about her at

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