Designing your perfect workspace and creative hub : 6 Lessons From My Blue Room transformation

by Theresa Melito-Conners, PhD | Business

A stubbed toe. For the umpteenth time. 

That was my realization that our Blue Room — coined for its wall color — needed a serious revamp. 

The room had morphed into a hodgepodge of needs and interests: a workspace for my business, a podcast recording studio, a dance space, and a miscellaneous storage zone.

The environmental self-care domain hinges on soul-loving, organized spaces that support success and prosperity. 

Between the overflowing shelves and teetering boxes, the Blue Room wasn’t serving these uses — nor supporting my growth as an entrepreneur. Even glancing into the room or worse, moving through the space to present a virtual training or record a podcast episode became nerve-wracking.

Self-admittedly, I’m a maximalist. My passions for theatre, dance, film, costumes, and various healing modalities…translate into collecting THINGS. I also trace my maximalism to my inner educator. We’re strapped for resources in our schools and lean into a scarcity mindset. We hold onto bulletin board decorations “for just one more year” and keep reference documents in case we need a future example.

Jeff, my husband, on the other hand? A total minimalist. We’ve been together for 14 years. He is beyond patient and understanding, but the Blue Room is part of his home, too. And while we love our home in Saugus, it houses a LOT for two people. In this case, prioritizing my environmental self-care domain also impacts my relationship self-care domain.

Reimagining, decluttering, and channeling new energies into the Blue Room made me reflect on how caring for our workspaces is a form of self-care. 

Whether your Blue Room project is your desk, car, or office, here are six takeaways for designing your perfect workspace.


Identify Your Zones

Consider how you’re using your space now and its ideal uses. Take stock of what you have by grouping belongings into categories. These categories were clear-cut for me: Self-Care Cabaret business, podcast, storage, etc. However, I wanted a designated area for my ballet barre and pop-up dance classes. My list also included a sitting area for developing presentation materials, journaling, or reading. 

Depending on the size of the space you are tackling, you might note what contents should go in each desk drawer or assign a category to each corner of the room and move items to that corner for a rough sort.

The “before” Blue Room

Find inspiration from unlikely sources:

We do our most productive work in spaces that feel warm and inviting. For the Blue Room, I drew inspiration from one of my fave TV shows, I Dream of Jeannie, a soapy 1960s comedy about a 2,000-year-old genie who falls for a NASA astronaut. I found a funky chair and velvety bedazzled pillows that reminded me of her abode (the inside of a 1964 Jim Beam decanter). Drapes in aquas, purples, and pinks reminiscent of Jeannie’s outfits added to the mystical vibes. 

This example is highly personalized, and that’s the point! Your style might lift visuals from a favorite band, movie, or travel destination. Aim for a cozy yet functional style. Nothing too distracting for periods of deep focus!

Look at those dreamy textures!

Showcase your joys

Find ways to uplift your passions and achievements. Being a business owner can bring days of difficulty and doubt. Surround yourself with items that remind you of positive memories and mantras that motivate your soul. As an organizational outie, I prefer to have these joys displayed. I hung posters from past musical theatre productions, diplomas, and fun framed artwork. 

Some of my production posters and artwork

Create storage solutions

Jeff challenged me to par our two shelving units to just one, and I crushed it! I sorted through dozens of boxes by category, donating unwanted items in several donation pick-ups. Having an idea of the designated real estate for these items made this finer sort easier.

Rubbermaid containers are great for corralling memorabilia. Consider smaller organizational boxes if you’re organizing a car trunk or desk area. Once I weeded out items, I labeled each box on the shelf. As an outie, labeling reminds me of what I have without opening up boxes or searching for an item. Strive to have a box and/or home for everything! Avoid loose items in your designated storage area.

Check out the Rubbermaid storage containers and my ballet barre!

Keep the energy flowing

Cheryl Richardson writes how a disorganized space can cause stagnant, negative energy. The Blue Room has an altar space for sage burning, candles, manifestation quotes, crystals, and statues that feed my holistic self-care practice. You might consider devoting a similar space for energy flow.

You might also take this opportunity to shift your furniture layout or incorporate Feng Shui principles. Listen to a recent podcast on how Feng Shui ties into the environmental self-care domain.

My altar space for my holistic self-care practice

Maintain the space

Disorganized, chaotic spaces do have cognitive impacts on our work style. Constant clutter, which is really just excessive stimuli, tires brains, increases procrastinating, and (as I shared above), can even impact our ability to focus. All carry over to our businesses and, more importantly, our mental health. 

Maintaining organization is the hardest step of the process for most. So, if you’re struggling, frame cleaning and tidying as environmental self-care. The time you dedicate to your space today will reduce stress and anxiety and support your best self tomorrow. Recently, I’ve been blasting a single song — about three to five minutes — for a quick tidying or dusting midweek. 

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Theresa Melito-Conners, PhD
Founder and Self-Care Expert at Dr. MC’s Self-Care Cabaret

Theresa Melito-Conners, PhD (Dr. MC) is the founder of Dr. MC’s Self-Care Cabaret, a suite of theatre-inspired well-being services geared toward professionals working in education, healthcare, human services, and other people-oriented roles. The Self-Care Cabaret encompasses workshops, a podcast, and educational curricula focused on accessible, realistic strategies that equip and empower.

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