Enhancing Productivity and Accountability: The Power of Virtual Coworking

by Amy Fridhi | Business

In today’s rapidly evolving work landscape, traditional notions of office spaces and work arrangements are being redefined. The rise of remote work has brought new possibilities, including virtual coworking spaces. This innovative approach to collaboration has proven to be a game-changer for me, not only in terms of teamwork and communication but also in enhancing productivity and accountability. In this article, we will explore the top three ways virtual coworking can help you connect, create, and flourish with a group of like-minded entrepreneurial women!

1. Simulating a Structured Work Environment

While the flexibility of remote work is undoubtedly appealing, it can sometimes blur the boundaries between personal and professional life. Virtual coworking spaces help recreate the structure and routine that a traditional office provides. By designating specific virtual “work hours” or joining scheduled coworking sessions, individuals can establish a disciplined routine that aligns with their team’s schedule.

Structured coworking sessions also mimic the social aspect of an office environment. Even though interactions are happening virtually, the presence of colleagues during designated work periods can reduce feelings of isolation and enhance the sense of belonging to a team. This social connection further contributes to increased motivation and a heightened sense of accountability.

2. Real-time Accountability

Accountability is a cornerstone of professional success, and virtual coworking reinforces this by providing a designated time that you have committed to doing work in your zone of genius, checking in on your goals, collaborating, or just taking care of administrative tasks. 

Many virtual coworking platforms offer features such as collaboration breakout rooms, weekly motivation emails, and mindfulness activities. These allow those in the coworking session to get the full “workplace” experience from the comfort of their home, coffee shop, or anywhere else they take their laptop (coffee not included.)

3. Fostering a Collaborative Environment

Virtual coworking spaces provide entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and digital nomads with a platform to connect, communicate, and collaborate regardless of their physical location. Through various digital tools and platforms, individuals and collaborators can seamlessly interact, share ideas, and work on projects in real-time. This collaborative environment bridges the geographical gap that remote work often creates, allowing for spontaneous discussions and brainstorming sessions that mimic the dynamics of a physical office.

Although not the first of its kind, 37Minutes – Coworking With Purpose is the product of collaboration and virtual coworking sessions between Amy Fridhi, Kelly Murphy, and Melissa Burgio. Three entrepreneurs, two in Greater Boston and one in Florida, discovered the value of virtual coworking when they met at a conference and wanted to continue to work on a project together upon returning home. The three now regularly attend virtual coworking sessions and have significantly increased their focus and productivity.

Virtual coworking has emerged as a dynamic solution for enhancing productivity and accountability in the world of remote work. Whether you’re an entrepreneur launching a startup, a solopreneur carving your niche, or a digital nomad seeking connection, a virtual coworking space can empower you with the tools, connections, and support needed to reach new heights in your journey.

Amy Fridhi
Co-Founder at 37 Minutes - Coworking With Purpose

Amy Fridhi is a Realtor, coach, and writer with an entrepreneurial spirit. With a background in education and technology, she has always been drawn to finding new ways to be productive and successful.


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