D&D and Business: Managing Your Personal Resources When Things Hit The Fan

by Amber Krasinski | Business

Imagine this.

A huge, colorfully painted figurine slams down on your dining room table. Your eyes dart to a large Medusa-like creature that’s now glaring your way. There’s no time to spare. You and your team need to react. And fast. 

You have a big problem, though. 

You and your whole group are completely battered and bruised from all those previous fights and have had no time to recover. Some of you are down to your last hit point. The question becomes, how do you conquer the challenges in front of you with limited resources and major hurdles?

Even if you don’t play D&D, you’ve likely grappled with this sort of situation before to some degree. And you aren’t alone.

According to the CDC, at least 60% of adults in the United States have at least one chronic condition. To top it off, millions of people are providing care to friends and family members, often unpaid without any respite. Couple all this with owning a business and we have the perfect recipe for burnout. It’s challenging to be successful and hit your goals when you’ve been knocked down over and over.

So, say you’re a small business owner and you’re going through these challenges. What can you do to get back up again?**

Instead of trying to slay the monster yourself, think about how you and the people around you can support each other through your collective skillset. The best battles are won through collaboration and creative problem solving, not burning yourself out to keep other people warm.

One metaphor that’s referenced a lot when it comes to D&D and modern disability studies is the concept of “spoon theory” otherwise known as “spell slots” for our fantasy fans out there.

Basically, it boils down to the idea that you have a finite number of “spoons” or “spell slots” available on a given day. Every action you take (ex. Casting an Eldritch Blast, folding laundry, talking on a podcast, networking…) has a cost. If you have a chronic condition, for example, the costs of these activities are often higher. In nerd terms, we’re talking about rolling with disadvantage. You try and try, but keep feeling like you’re not moving ahead the way you need to.

When you run out of energy and there’s nothing left, things don’t turn out well.

So as I am typing this final part, I want to give a real life example of the type of resource management I’ve just gone on and on about. Because I’m living through it right now.

Currently, I am flat on my back on a carpeted floor staring up at my phone, praying I don’t drop it on my face, knees bent to press the lower part of my spine into the carpet, bracing for the inevitable, but breathing and living and writing in spite of it all. Because this article needs to be wrapped up and out of my brain.

But the rest of the night will be shot. I have nothing left to give and a lot of pain to deal with. I’ll need to go to bed early and pray tomorrow is better.

Now that, folks? That’s what one “spoon” can look like. Having one “spell slot” left, if you will. And sometimes that’s all you need. But you have to be prepared to make sacrifices and adjustments based on what you have going on. Part of that is leaning on the tools and people around you. And that’s where our next piece comes in…party dynamics (aka How to Work with People When Things Are Not Good)

Now go slay that dragon! Or clean up your inbox. Whatever’s scarier.

**🎶You’re never gonna keep me down🎶

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D&D and Business: Managing Your Personal Resources When Things Hit The Fan by Amber Krasinski

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