Navigating The Dating World: Three Essential Strategies For Finding Love

by Susan Trotter | Family

Are you interested in dating but nervous about putting yourself out there? Or have you been online and not met any good matches yet? Well, there is no better time than now to be dating! Online dating memberships continue to increase significantly and this is a popular time of year to be online. Millions of people want to find love just like you!

How you approach it matters, though. Here are three key strategies for setting yourself up to be more successful in the dating process.

1. It is important to understand the role that mindset and confidence play in this process. If you have taken time to do some therapeutic work and feel positive about yourself and dating, then you are much more likely to attract people who also are positive and in a good place emotionally. And of course, the opposite is true, too. Negativity tends to attract negativity. Take the time to work through any issues you may have about past relationships and approach dating and relationships with confidence and a positive mindset. It will make a huge difference in the experience you have. Plus, confidence is sexy and that is always good for dating and relationships!

2. It is also important to create a full and joyful life for yourself that other people will want to be a part of. Doing this allows you to then date intentionally and to be more selective about who you invite in to enhance your life, rather than choosing people – and often settling – to fill voids in your life. Focus on setting up a good and happy life for yourself, know your value and raise your standards when looking for potential matches.

3. Learn how to navigate the dating world, especially with regard to online dating. Understand that it is a process, and that there are very specific, successful strategies for creating a profile that will attract the kind of people you want, for assessing other profiles, communicating through the sites, and more. It is also beneficial to remember that everything people present to you is information that you can use to assess them for quality and potential fit. Understanding how to manage this process will help you to be more successful in it.

Having confidence, creating a joyful life for yourself and understanding how to make the process work for you – at a minimum, these three things will help you to have a better dating experience and to find what you’re looking for in your search for love.

Susan Trotter
Relationship Coach and Dating Expert at Susan Trotter, Ph.D. - Relationship Coaching

Susan Trotter, Ph.D. is a Relationship Coach who is passionate about helping people to feel confident and empowered in their lives. She has a special interest in the areas of mindset and communication, with expertise in relationships, divorce and dating. Susan coaches individuals and couples, facilitates groups and retreats, and loves to teach. She is a popular guest on podcasts and other shows, has contributed to many articles, and is a sought-after public speaker at conferences and other events. Susan has her doctorate in Clinical Psychology and was a therapist for over 20 years. Her extensive background in psychology, therapy and coaching gives her a unique perspective in helping people to achieve greater joy, satisfaction and success in their relationships and in all areas of their lives.

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