Top 5 Reasons NOT to Get a Tarot Reading (and 3 Good Ones)

by Patti Woods | Wellness, Spirituality

Maybe you’ve strolled into a fabulous crystal shop and there’s a psychic reading tarot cards that day.

Or maybe your girlfriend told you about an amazing, spot-on reader and you’re intrigued what she might have to say to you. People have been intrigued by the cards for centuries, and there are some great reasons– and some not so great ones– on why you might want to consider a consultation with the cards. 

You should get a Tarot Reading if…

You’re Curious

You’re intrigued by the cards. You may not know much about them, but you feel drawn to their mystery. You’ve heard about them, seen them used in movies, maybe you have friends who’ve had their cards read and you’d like to see what it’s all about. Perhaps you’re skeptical. That’s totally fine. Tell your reader that. A good reader will help allay your fears or mistrust. 

You’re looking for Guidance

You’re going through a lot right now and you can’t seem to focus or find direction. You feel like you’re being moved to make a decision or change something, but you’re not sure how to go about it. You’d like some perspective on going back to school, looking for a new job, navigating a new relationship or looking to move. 

You’re looking for connection

Sometimes it’s nice to just get validation and be heard by someone other than your therapist. A good tarot reading will include an element of conversation and connectivity. 

You should NOT get a tarot reading if…

You’re looking to find out what your ex is up to.

The cards aren’t meant to spy on others. That’s bad energy. 

You want to be told what to do.

The cards are a tool to help YOU take responsibility for your decisions. Your reader isn’t meant to be responsible for your decisions. 

You want to know what the future holds.

Again, the cards are a tool to help you construct and manifest the life you want. Nothing is set in stone. The cards can only show what is likely to happen with the current energy. There’s a great meme floating around that says, “The best way to predict your life is to create it.” Don’t give your power away to your tarot reader. 

You want to put a curse on someone.

Nope. That’s not what the cards are for. 

You want to test the reader and prove him or her wrong.

Yes, there are scammers out there and it would feel great to call him or her out. But if you’re sitting with a true reader who is doing this from a place of empathy and service, you’re bringing bad vibes on yourself, not to mention wasting your time and money. 

Patti Woods
Tarot Reader at Sandy Hollow Tarot

Internationally-known tarot reader and teacher

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